1. ChatGPT Prompt Engineering(Learn more)



In this demonstration, we harnessed the power of the ChatGPT API to create a SAS to Python translator. Through strategic manipulation of prompts, we engineered a seamless flow to facilitate the conversion process. Leveraging the FLASK web framework, we developed a user-friendly website interface. This platform accepts SAS code input, visually presents the data flow, and subsequently generates a corresponding Python script.

2. Streamlit Dashboard (Learn more)

Dashboard Demo


Welcome to our Interactive Dashboard Demo! In this interactive platform, we highlight our capability to build engaging and user-friendly interactive dashboards using Streamlit. Our dashboard showcases a range of features and visualizations, providing a glimpse into the powerful capabilities of Streamlit. We use Freddie Mac public loan data as an example.


Streamlit serves as the backbone of our dashboard, offering several advantages that enhance both development and deployment processes. Firstly, Streamlit’s intuitive Python-based framework allows for rapid development, enabling us to quickly transform raw data into interactive visualizations and meaningful insights. This efficiency translates to cost-effectiveness, saving valuable time and resources during the development phase.

Furthermore, Streamlit simplifies deployment, offering seamless integration with various cloud platforms. Our data is hosted in Google Cloud BigQuery, but other data warehouses such as Snowflake can be used as well. With just a few lines of code, we can effortlessly deploy our dashboard to the cloud, making it accessible to users anywhere, anytime. This ease of deployment ensures that our interactive dashboards are readily available to stakeholders, promoting informed decision-making and collaboration across teams.


In summary, our Freddie Mac Loan Performance Dashboard leverages the power of Streamlit to provide an engaging and accessible platform for analyzing loan performance data. With its cost-effective development process and effortless cloud deployment capabilities, Streamlit empowers us to deliver valuable insights efficiently, driving informed decision-making and enhancing collaboration within our organization.